The Jacksonville Housing Authority Resident Services Department is dedicated to ensuring that public housing and Section 8 families receive services that will enable them to achieve self-sufficiency.  The staff is available and accessible to help them families to obtain education, job-training, find a job, advance their career, become a homeowner, or improving their quality of life as a senior in one our communities.

Office Location: 1085 Golfair Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida  32209     
Phone number 904-366-6097


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The Resident Services programs designed to help you are:
•  Family Self- Sufficiency Program for Section 8
•  Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Homeownership Program
•  Elderly Services Program
•  Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program
•  Neighborhood Network Centers
•  Hicks Prep Club
•  Steps to Success
•  Community Resources
•  Resident Advisory Board