“Neighborhood Network Centers are putting the Power of Technology in the hands of the people!”

What is the purpose of a Neighborhood Network Center?

Prepare residents to advance their education whether it is GED or a degree.

Assist residents in their job search activities and job training opportunities.

Provide computer access to internet and other Microsoft Office Products.

Be a safe haven for families to spend quality time

Where are they located?

Brentwood Lakes   
3465 Village Center Drive
Building 28
Jacksonville, Florida  32206

What services are available for Adults? 

•  GED Preparation Classes
•  Training for residents to increase their computer knowledge, skills, and abilities
•  Adult Literacy Coaching
•  Computer-Based  job search training
•  Parenting Workshops
•  Interviewing and resume writing workshops
•  Self-esteem building workshops

What services are available for Youth?

•  Homework Assistance
•  Book Club
•  Character Building programs
•  Field Trips
•  Team Building Workshops

Who Do I need to contact?     

Felecia Johnson, Neighborhood Network Coordinator