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Dwayne AlexanderOn behalf of the Board and staff, I welcome your visit to our website and hope we can assist you with your current housing needs.

We offer a variety of programs to fit the needs of low and moderate income families, senior and handicapped adults in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area.

We offer many programs to assist in your quest to move up and out of public housing and perhaps into homeownership, which is still the goal and dream of most Americans.

Our public housing communities are strategically positioned in all areas of town and are in close proximity to schools, shopping, transportation and community service resources.

The Section 8 voucher program allows you to move to the private property of your choice. And, our Resident Opportunities staff stand ready to help with education, job training, counseling, etc.

Please take advantage of all we have to offer.

Dwayne Alexander
Interim President and CEO


Jacksonville Housing Authority
1300 N Broad Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 630-3810

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