Labor Compliance

JHA's Labor Compliance effort ensures that construction laborers are paid prevailing wages​ as outlined in the Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Act, and associated​ HUD regulations. In order to assure compliance with the law, OHA undertakes a variety of actions including:

  • Construction site visits
  • Construction worker interviews
  • Review certified payroll records for accuracy
  • Resolve payment discrepancies

Purchase orders or contracts which require labor to be performed may require prevailing wages to be paid as set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary of Labor . Prevailing wages are the minimum hourly wages that must be paid to employees working on JHA jobs. When applicable, this will be specified in the Instructions to Bidders and full wage information will be included in the specifications package.

It is the responsibility of the contractor to assure compliance with the applicable prevailing wage rates, and provide necessary reports.

Section 3

Doing Business with JHA

•  FAPPO - Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers
•  HUD - Housing and Urban Development
•  NIGP - National Institute of Government Procurement
•  ISM - Institute of Supply Management
•  U.S. Communities
•  Davis Bacon / Federal Wage


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